Friday, 16 November 2012


So, it has been a looooong time since I blogged. Can't even think when, and if I had a quick look I'd know, but anyway.

I'm still alive, some days it seems I'm only just alive and barely making it through the day, sometimes I'm up ripping through the jobs and giving it my all.

Lots has been happening here, school, gardening- I have a new vegie garden well its not new but it looks brand spanking new, new fruit trees planted, bores being drilled, trips to town, The Driller has been doing the regular 2'n'1 but at the moment is on a few weeks off, but don't think for a minute he is here spending it with us! Lots of local work on our rig to be done, he has actually put a bloke on to help him out which is good, means I don't have to stop doing what I'm doing and cart all the kids off to help him move the rig etc and it also means he's not out on his own busting his guts trying to get the bores down as quick as he can. So just the normal old every day stuff going on here.

In September we celebrated TDS #1's 6th birthday, his birthday is actually August but we couldn't have his party until September. Was a great day, well weekend actually with family and friends.

The veggie garden is starting to really get cracking. Been picking a few bits and pieces...the strawberries have been amazing, have sampled a couple of cherry tomatoes, snow peas we ate and ate and ate get the picture. We are all growing muscles like Popeye too! Spinach galore. Have just picked an enormous bunch of beetroot today.

I will try and blog more regularly now the days are getting a bit longer and I've got more time to get done what I need to around the school work. Did I mention next year TDD will be starting Kindergarten??? Eek! Year 1 and Kindy...I think I may die next year.

What's been happening at your place? Have you got vegies growing in your garden? If you would like to share, you can follow me on Facebook The Drillers Wife. Would love to hear from you and feel free to share photos of your vegie garden if you have one! Or anything else you please.


New beds The Driller made for me. With my help of course!


  1. Love your new vegetable beds Kylie, looking good! Your trees look great too.

    Thanks for your wood oven comments too...would be great to have a pizza day one day...god knows when?!

  2. Looks like you will have lots of vegies soon Kylie!

  3. Great to read your post - welcome back. Like the look of the veggie garden. Mine is just weeds at present.

  4. Hmmm, I have MASSIVE garden envy. I'd love to see more more more photos of your garden. I don't know how you home school kids - I always imagine it'd be really tough(tho I did pass Kindy OK myself so I'd probably have that part covered).


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