Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Elf on the Shelf 2014-

Seems that time of the year is upon us once again. Where on Earth have the months gone? Didn't we just have Easter?! I really have no idea how we ended up at December already. But anyway, we are here and with December comes Elf on the Shelf.

This year we didn't start EOTS until the 1st of December. The 2 years beforehand we have started  the last week or so in November or just a couple of days out from December.

Our Elves, Elfie and Twinkle, brought a new friend with them this year! Chippy! Yes, we now have 3 Elves. Crazy..maybe! Fun...Yes!! The kids couldn't believe their eyes when they found a third Elf sitting next to our fire on Monday morning.

I decided to add another Elf this year so that each kid has their own Elf. Once we are "over" the Elf stage in a few years time (maybe it will be several more years, I will leave that up to the kids) I will pack them up into boxes for the kids to take when they have their own kids. If they want to carry on a tradition with their own kids and create a little Christmas magic they can. If not, that's fine. But I'm hoping that they will be able to remember all the fun and exciting things our Elves did and want to share the magic with their own little people.

Anyway, back on track. The main reason for this, my first blog post since March, is to share where I have sourced some of our little bits and pieces from for setting up our Elf antics. I have had a lot of people on Facebook and Instagram ask where I get the props from and decided a blog post may be easier for me, rather than replying to lots of emails/comments/posts.

The Elves put up the door Saturday night


The Elves popped up a new door and accessories Saturday night, all ready for when they would arrive Sunday night and be waiting for us to find them Monday morning.

The door, step and tree all came from The Fairy Door Store. I also have a little street sign from there also. You will see it in the following photos.

The lamp and mailbox both came from My Fairy World. Whilst shopping there I grabbed some wish tickets and the twig pencil set too. The pencils will come out later this week for writing letters to Santa. The wish tickets will come out then too!

Day 1 The Elves return!

The Elves have their own little suitcases they bring with them. Sometimes I stuff some red felt in them to act as spare clothes. Last year they brought a pillow and sheet with them for a trip to Broken Hill. You can find similar ones to these by googling for suitcase favour boxes. I'm pretty sure mine came from Wedding Star last year.

The fake snow can be found at Fairytale Gardens. I also added a few other bits and pieces to my cart whilst shopping there too. Another small wreath made from wire, a snowman, a garland and sled and a few other small things. Some I may not use this year, but I will have them ready for next year.

The little ''party" lights, boots, mat and door wreath came from one of my favourite Fairy/Elf online shops, Fairylicious Goblin Grunge. The small tree with baubles in the below photo was also from Fairylicious. They have some of the most adorable items on their online shop. So cute!

Day 3. Hanging the stockings

The fireplace in todays photo came from Fairy Meadow Miniatures. The book that Elfie is looking at, is a teeny tiny little Christmas colouring book with pencils.

The trees with snow are Lemax trees and I grabbed mine at Christmas Dreams.

If there are any other little things you can see that you like. Drop me a line and I will let you know where you can source them.

Hope you are having a great Hump Day!


Sunday, 23 March 2014

I'm still here...

September! It's been that long since I blogged! Crikeys.

So much has gone on since then in our little part of the world. I have been coming and going with school, the business, housework, the kids and the daily "stuff" that must go on in our lives. Some days barely keeping my head above water, others I have sailed through.

I had a VISE teacher here for 6 weeks to teach the kids for me, she was an absolute godsend...that was when I was supposed to be doing this, writing a blog post! Obviously, it never happened. I have also been in a rut as to what I would blog about, so many posts planned in the New Year but they never eventuated because I just didn't know.

Anyway, I wont bore you with what we have been up to all these months, there has been lots, some good, some bad and some just so-so. Maybe they can be other "material" for another post?

One big thing that has happened in our lives that I will share today, is that our schoolroom is now up and running. It makes our days so much more easy, organised and there's a better flow. It doesn't mean that I am liking this teaching bit any more, but it is making it a little easier. For those of you who follow along on Facebook will have seen a photo of the buildings after they had been craned into position, but there aren't any photos inside etc. I'm hoping if you click this little link HERE you will head to an album on my personal Facebook page so you can have a little look around. I know, I know! Sheer laziness not putting photos directly in the post ;)

I will try and get a little more blogging mojo back in the next few weeks. I promise! But just in case you don't see me here for a while, I am always updating on Facebook and Instagram.


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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wordless Wednesday...a very random one at that!??!

A couple of photos from the last few days around here. Completely unedited, completely random and not really of anything of great importance, just snapped (on my phone) at a whim I guess!? Just plain old randomness of my sometimes super boring days and my garden.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

A reading list...

This week, Lucy and I started reading 1-2 chapters a night of Alice in Wonderland.

Toby has been reading with us and listening in, but the story isn't really "his thing", I mean what boy of 7 really wants to listen in about a girl down a rabbit burrow, the white rabbit who owns it and the crazy adventures she has down there? He quite often goes off half way through a chapter and gets another book to read while he waits for me to finish. I've been reading him other books at night, but just everyday sort of story books and not full chapter books. He has asked me to get him some chapter books to read!

 I don't really have any other "boy" chapter books here to read so I posted the question on my Facebook page, what chapter books are out there that my followers may have read to their boys or students around the same age as Toby that he might also enjoy??

I got quite a list of different books to look up. Some from authors I know, but hadn't really thought of; some books I have read before as a kid, but forgotten about; and some I hadn't even heard of.

I thought I would share the list of books the girls came up with in a blog post in case you are looking for a book but hadn't thought of any of these yet.

Andy Griffiths The 26-storey treehouse and The 13-storey treehouse.

The Jack Russell dog detective series by Darrel and Sally Odgers.

The Zac Power Series written by a team of writers who go under the pseudonym of H.I Larry.

J.K Rowlings Harry Potter series of books (and the movies of course!) We haven't got into Harry in this house yet, but we might get one to read, or as suggested by The Drillers cousin, get an audio one for him to listen along to.

Paul Jennings. We have Rascal the Dragon here in our schoolroom cupboard, will have to drag it out! The Singenpoo book is a favourite of Lee-Anne's over at Governess Australia.

The Hey Jack series by Sally Rippin. She has another series for the girls Billie B Brown, and Meet Lina which is the first instalment of 4 books in the Lina series. Meet Lina was written for the Our Austrlian Girl series. (Might be a good one to check out if you have a special girl in your life from about 8 years on).

There's also a series of books written by a an Italian author who uses the tongue-in-cheek pseudonym of Geronimo Stilton which look like fun. There are books that have been published in English though so don't despair of your school days Italian isn't up to scratch!! Phew! Because I know zero Italian except for Pizza?

David Pilkey's Captain Underpants. There are a number of books in this series and going by the covers and this excerpt  off the website "You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll wet your pants with joy when you read this book!" I'm sure they will delight any boy, and maybe even his Dad?!

Michael Morpurgo has some wonderful looking books, catering from smaller children of around 3, up to older level fiction books and also biographies. Will definitely be looking into his books some more. One I noticed, and also one a follower mentioned on my page, is Warhorse and its sequel Farm Boy. They are for ages 9+ but I think Toby would enjoy them. Here is a link to an extract from Warhorse.

The I Wonder Why series of books packed with illustrations, will provide lots of basic information for little readers who may not be willing to sit and listen to novels/chapter books but are wanting to read or be read something a bit more interesting and engaging.

Then of course, we couldn't forget Roald, but I actually did! I loved reading Roald Dahl books at school. I'm pretty sure we have one stashed in a box of books that wont fit into our bookshelf. Did or do you have a favourite Roald book? I loved the BFG and The Twits. I also LOVED Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator. How I didn't think of these I don't know...the kids watched the Johnny Depp version on TV last week and I know I have both of these books back home!

The there's Enid. Toby actually shares a birthday with Enid Blyton! The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and The Faraway Tree series were all mentioned.

As I've been typing these, I've been thinking what other books I used to love that Toby would like too...and I remembered being obsessed with the Selby series by Duncan Ball. I loved them, and I think I have a few in the shelf at home. Must write "trawl through books" on my list of things to do at Christmas time when we go home.

So there's a few for you, feel free to post or comment on my Facebook page or in a comment below this blog post of any others your boys love to read, or maybe you loved to read way back when.....

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Get Back to Me...

An impromptu blog post. Tonight I came across this Youtube video via the Influential Women's Facebook page.

I really don't think I need anymore words, do I?

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Today has been a reasonably normal Sunday here for us. We did sleep in a little bit though. Well, the kids got up, we were awake but just pretending to be asleep still.

Just the usual washing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, Facebooking, Instagraming, Pinteresting etc kept me occupied.

The Drillers Mum did come and take the Big Kids for me a bit after 8am to go load some goats. Was rather quiet without them under my feet for nearly 4 hours.

There was also a bit of this... (don't mind the crappy quality photos)

The new raised veggie garden beds were built and put in The Patch. Now the hard part...filling them. Gah!

There was lots of playing in the usual! Always playing in the dirt this lot.

We cooked like this...

There was lots of this. I even had 2 washing machines going and still didn't get through it all!

We had a visit from Gran and Pa, and enjoyed some drinks and nibbles at the fire pit...

Then we ate this...

And that...

And somehow, this child ended up with the shank!! (very poor quality photo-the light in our house at night is shocking for photos)

How did you put in Sunday at yours today? Anything special? Or just a normal old everyday Sunday?


Friday, 26 July 2013

What's cookin' good lookin'...???

Remember back in June on the Facebook page I said that I had made a ham and zucchini pie and posted a photo?

Well I thought I would share the recipe with you. It's very yummy. The kids love it. In fact they are sitting beside me in my bed right now watching Looney Tunes and nibbling on some of the pie I made for lunch today.

Easy ham and egg pie


1/3 cup flour
1 1/2 cups milk
3 eggs
3 slices of ham, coarsely chopped (I use bacon as I usually only have bacon no ham)
3 green onions, chopped finely ( I use half of a small red onion if I have no spring onions and chop it very very fine)
1 cup grated cheddar cheese ( I use tasty)
1 medium zucchini, grated coarsely
2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to moderately slow (160 degC/140 degC fan forced). Grease a 20cm round pie dish or cake tin.
Whisk the flour and milk until smooth; whisk in the eggs.
Stir in the remaining ingredients; pour into prepared dish.
Bake for around 45 mins or until set (depending on your oven, mine takes a little longer most days)
Sprinkle with parsley to serve. Enjoy!

We eat this both hot and cold, and at least once a fortnight, sometimes weekly.

The recipe notes say it can be frozen. Also, a 130g can of drained corn kernels can be added instead of zucchini, I quite often add the corn with the zucchini! And it's meant to serve 4.

Today I had maybe half a cup of fresh cream I needed to use, I tipped it in with the milk, I used just a fraction over 1 cup of milk with the 1/2 cup cream. Came out great.

I got the recipe from The Australian Women's Weekly in July 2004.

Sorry about the photo quality, screen shot on the iPad off my Facebook page.